The Common Types of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents 

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Operating a motorcycle is a fun, but dangerous activity. The motorcyclist does not have the metal protection around them afforded a driver in a passenger vehicle. This can lead to a motorcyclist sustaining serious injuries or even death. A motorcycle accident is in the category of a personal injury. Whether the motorcyclist sustains a serious injury or fatal, a motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis MD is available them or the family. 

Head-on Crashes are the Most Common Type of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents 

Most fatal motorcycle accidents involve the front of a vehicle hitting the front of the motorcycle. The reason this type of crash causes a fatality is because of the impact. The force of the impact may send the motorcyclist into the air. They violent manner in which they land can kill them. 

Vehicles Turning in the Left Lane is another Common Fatal Motorcycle Accident 
When a driver makes a left turn into an intersection, they often cause a fatal crash with a motorcycle for many reasons. They may accelerate to make the turn before a passenger can walk. When they do this, they cannot see the motorcycle coming. They may be distracted and not paying attention. This means they do not see the motorcycle. 

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs 

Driving under the influence is one of the major types of fatal motorcycle accidents in Maryland. A person operating a motor vehicle is drunk or high and driving. They may ignore traffic laws such as not speeding or stopping for a red light. They may drive erratically. They may collide with the motorcyclist head-on or in some other manner. However, the true cause is driving drunk or high at the time of the motorcycle crash. 

Motorcyclists can Cause Deadly Motorcycle Accidents 

A motorcyclist may be responsible for their own accident. For instance, one cause of a fatal motorcycle accident is lane splitting. This means the motorcyclist moves between lanes to pass vehicles. They don’t see a vehicle in their blind spot and crash. Another common cause of fatal motorcycle accidents is single bike incidents. This means the motorcyclist will do something such as speed or lose control of the motorcycle and crash. No other vehicle is involved. Sometimes a wrongful party such as a vehicle driver will claim a single bike accident occurred to avoid liability. 

Getting Help for Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland 

A motorcyclist injured in an accident with another driver can sue for damages such as lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. If the motorcyclist dies, their family can sue on their behalf. The requirement for a personal injury claim involves proving the other driver was at fault for the accident. This includes proving the other driver had a duty to protect the motorcyclist and breached that duty by causing the accident. In addition, the motorcyclist must provide the other driver’s actions or inaction caused their injuries. Once these things are proven, money damages can be awarded.